Dave would be our first choice

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Dave’s someone I know from work and who has been in charge of the music at the Silverstone Half Marathon as well as the larger London Marathon. I asked him if he knew anyone who could DJ at my wedding and he said, “Me?” My fiancée (now wife!!) and I met with Dave and when we left, we walked away very happy indeed. Dave is someone you can trust to cater to your needs, regardless of how big or small they are. He can tone down his operation or upscale if needed. He understands your day and will fit in with it. He’s got experience in doing this and it shows. We had a request list online prior to the wedding to submit songs that we wanted to have played as well as enabling guests to also nominate songs that they’d like to hear. We were fortunate to have power of veto but didn’t have need of it. Come the big day, it was time to light the lights, it was time to play the music and everything was seamless. We heard every single one of the songs that meant something to us. If Dave ever had need to go rifling through his BIG catalogue, we almost didn’t notice because a) he’s good with his choices, b) the dance floor was full of people and c) everybody was having a great time. We had lots of positive feedback afterwards from our guests. If we ever have need of a DJ again, Dave would be our first choice.

Ashley Hurd    ★★★★★