Songs to End your Wedding Day

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A lot is said about the first dance at a wedding, and with good reason. After all, this is the moment that the brand new husband and wife take to the floor for the first time together. It is often a point when emotions are running high and everyone looks forward to it.  What about the last dance though?  How many times have you left a party humming the last […]

Wedding Disco Cost

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  Ah yes, probably the most asked first question from any potential client – “How much is a disco?”.  The honest answer is, until I find out a little more about your special day and what I can do to help make it memorable, I can’t answer that question.  However, if you don’t regularly book entertainment services, it’s probably the first question you’d actually think of. So what questions SHOULD […]

Happy Couple First Dance

Your First Dance, Lighting and Photographers

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For many people, the day they get married is often one of the most important days of their entire lives, with obvious exceptions of having kids and other things. There will be many moments during your wedding day which will be unforgettable, and this includes the first dance you have as a newly married couple. So during that atmospheric event, which is going to be filmed and recorded for you […]

Incandescence Wedding DJ

DJ Hire in Oxford – Part One

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A quick Google search on “DJ Hire Oxford” will bring up a long list of companies and individuals promising to deliver just what you need. It’s always tempting to pick from the paid adverts at the top, but that’s becoming an increasingly risky strategy. The simple fact of the matter is that anyone can pay for those adverts and get themselves noticed (check for the word “Ad” in a box). […]

Wedding Disco

A Wedding With WOW Factor

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and rightly so.  Who wouldn’t want a wedding with wow factor? You have a massive list of services you want to hire in, from caterers to venues, dresses to DJ’s, you naturally want it all to be perfect.  To help you plan the most perfect day, lets look at some of the factors you would expect from a local […]