History Of The Wedding Cake

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When you think of weddings, there is a good chance that you are going to think about all the different traditions that make up the big day. Some people decide to do away with some of the traditions, but there is one that often remains, this is the wedding cake. But where does the tradition of a wedding cake come from and why is it something that we still enjoy […]

The Ideal Hen Party Idea List

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Great Hen Party Ideas Planning a wedding isn’t easy. There is so much to think about that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. One thing that you may not think will take a lot of thought, but usually does, is the hen party. This is something that the majority of brides hand over to their bridesmaids to plan. But sometimes this can mean that you are worried that they […]

Songs to End your Wedding Day

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A lot is said about the first dance at a wedding, and with good reason. After all, this is the moment that the brand new husband and wife take to the floor for the first time together. It is often a point when emotions are running high and everyone looks forward to it.  What about the last dance though?  How many times have you left a party humming the last […]

Wedding Disco Cost

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  Ah yes, probably the most asked first question from any potential client – “How much is a disco?”.  The honest answer is, until I find out a little more about your special day and what I can do to help make it memorable, I can’t answer that question.  However, if you don’t regularly book entertainment services, it’s probably the first question you’d actually think of. So what questions SHOULD […]

Happy Couple First Dance

Your First Dance, Lighting and Photographers

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For many people, the day they get married is often one of the most important days of their entire lives, with obvious exceptions of having kids and other things. There will be many moments during your wedding day which will be unforgettable, and this includes the first dance you have as a newly married couple. So during that atmospheric event, which is going to be filmed and recorded for you […]

Top Ten First Dance Tracks

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To begin with, it’s important to understand why the first dance is so critical in the first place. Dancing is, in the correct circumstances, a very intimate and meaningful activity. For a newly married couple, the event is often symbolic and is the first act they perform together, and often has the promise of many more experiences shared together over their lives. This makes it an irreplaceable and precious memory, […]

Incandescence Wedding DJ

Your Wedding Day, Your Way

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Your wedding is one of the most memorable and highly anticipated events of your life, and sometimes it feels like you’ve got no control over the order of things. It can seem very rigid and regimented depending upon the venue and the planner.  For example, dinner commencing at 4 pm sharp, followed by speeches at 5:30 pm and the entire wedding suddenly feels out of your control. This can be […]

Wedding Disco

Perfect Venue for the Perfect Day

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The perfect day deserves the perfect venue, and if you are lucky enough to live in or near the Oxford area you really could be spoilt for choice. Playing home to the oldest university in the English speaking world it is no surprise that Oxford has a rich architectural heritage. From wonderful stately homes to buildings that date back to Saxon times, wedding venue choice is vast and exciting. Selecting […]